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  1. Well the tickets are booked and I'm off for ten days to spend valuable time with the master sharpeners at Wolff Indusries and Edge Pro at the end of Nov.

    There is a lot of travelling getting to America, and also internal flights when I get there, but I need to visit both Spartanburg and Iowa so that I can spend time with both companies.

    This is not a holiday, but an information gathering exercise so that the training school we run is kept up to date with all the latest sharpening and machine advancements. There is other stuff on the agenda, I will update you in due course if it becomes a reality.

    I will make sure to take plenty of pictures so that you can see my progress when I get there!

  2. David and I enjoyed a few hours discussing how our two businesses will continue to work togther and grow. I showed David the material we use in the training school, along with the operation and set-up of the classroom. This is just the start of a great business relationship as I have now been invited to fly over to their headquaters based in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. I will post another blog when I get on my way!

    We prefer to use  Wolff Industries machines for all of our scissor sharpening and training because of the company that manufacturers it. We are authorised resellers so you could buy direct from us here in the UK - contact us.

    Wolff Industries has been manufacturing scissor sharpeners for almost 40 years, it is the largest and oldest company in this market with over 35 employees who work in the scissors factory sharpening scissors, building equipment and have parts and staff ready to ship every business day. 

    david Wolff