3. Sharpening Machines - Book Sharpening Training and Purchase Sharpening Supplies

Please email [email protected] we will then supply an up to date price list of all the machines.

We hold all machines in stock so there are no delays.

We are the sole UK  Warranty Centre for both Wolff Industries, The Edge Pro and Nebraska Blades.

When you buy from us it's the same as buying direct from the US, but without the hassle of international postage and import duties.

Any questions then we are always available to have a chat about your requirements, click here for contact details.

We are also the only UK authorised and approved trainers for both Wolff Industries and The Edge Pro.

You can see all the machines in action in the training centre, so by all means pay us a visit or we can arrange a courier to deliver. All machines are in 240v, are in stock and ready to go.

Scissor Sharpening Machines

  • Wolf Industries Ookami Gold Sharpening System incl all the accessories required
  • Wolf Industries Hira-To 
  • Wolff Industries Corrugator

Clipper Blade Sharpening Machine.

  • Nebraska Blades Low Amp Big Red Clipper Hone with 16inch plate.

Belt Sander / Linisher

  • Robert Soby ProEdge System Complete

Knife Sharpening Machines

  • Tormek T8 Knife Sharpening Machine and jigs
  • Catrasharp Knife Sharpener
  • Catra i100 Knife Sharpener


Please email for the latest prices: [email protected]