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Many more testimonials, going back 10 years or so, can be found via this link to our sharpening website

  1. Thank you Robin for the training given over a very relaxed period, the hands on experience and business insights you offered have been a great help.
    I must say that the decision to purchase multiple pieces of equipment was at first a concern due to the expense, but having spent a little time practicing and subsequently just two weeks in the field both promoting the business and sharpening scissors, knives and clipper blades, I can only say wow!
    If you are prepared to put the effort in, the rewards will be there and this is definitely a decision I will not be regretting any time soon.

    Thank you Robin.

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  2. I would like to thank Robin for his excellent tuition. I, and my fellow students, have been lucky enough to learn from a man with patience and years of experience.
    This is the starting point you need in the world of sharpening, it is the foundation which you can build a business off.

    Many thanks.

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  3. Just to say a big thanks to Robin for a very enjoyable and productive 3 day course, incredible the progress myself and fellow students made in such a short period of time. He has given me both knowledge and confidence for future success in this field.
    Can not thank him enough.
    Alastair Prichard

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  4. My business partner and I recently visited Robin for his training course, and it was brilliant, the 2 days of hands-on training with Robins assistance taught us more than I thought was possible in a couple of days.
    We chose to use the 3rd-day option, which, after having doubts about its usefulness beforehand, turned out to be the most valuable - with Robin taking more of a back seat, letting us get on and sharpen all types of things, and only helping when needed or requested.
    I can’t thank Robin enough for his teaching, especially the 3rd day, which I’m sure will all prove exceptionally valuable in the coming months.

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  5. I was impressed with Robin's sharpening training room and how well equipped he has it. If you are looking for training in Europe I would call Robin to set it up.

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  6. Robin,

    Many thanks for the training undertaken with yourself on a one to one basis presented by yourself.

    Your knowledge and style of training was excellent and a pleasure to attend.
    It was a pleasure to have so many questions answered over the two days with answers that will ensure future growth for Mobile Pro Sharpening in the future.

    Robin is very knowledgeable, very patient, very professional and very very good at his business

    I look forward to having more training in the near future with yourself as we constantly are being asked for other products to be sharpened.

    Once again Robin thank you well worth the drive down !.

    Best Regards

    Simon Thurstan
    Mobile Pro Sharpening

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