The Sharpening Course Details & Dates

The new spacious sharpening training centre opened June 8th 2020!
Each student has their own large work space with their own tools and machines, with an absolute minimum of 2 metres of free space from any other person in any direction.

Thinking of starting your own sharpening business? 

A full five day hands on course, that will teach you all you need to know to get started as a self employed sharpener.

Would you like to learn how to sharpen Knives, Dog and Horse Clipper Blades, Dog Grooming, Barbering and Hairdressing Scissors, Gardening Tools and much more, then contact us to recieve the details via email of our  sharpening training courses along with suggested local accomodation and machine prices.

Click here for the contact us page with email details.

We have been training people for over ten years, the course was updated in February 2019 after a trip to the US to visit the sharpening machine manufacturers, this update reflects the changes and improvements within the industry. We will continue to update our courses as required, so rest assured you will always be taught the latest techniques and methods, using the latest machinery and technology.

A fun and active five day course to get you started in this fantastic trade!

We are the only UK approved and authorised trainers and warranty centre for both Wolff Industries and The Edge Pro (Nebraska Blades).

  • We travelled to South Carolina and Iowa in the US to receive intensive training directly from both manufacturers to ensure we meet their high standards. We are proud to say we are now their approved UK trainers and representatives.

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Training Dates for 2022

Listed below are the current start dates for our 5 day course:

All courses start on a Monday at 09:30.


  • July Mon 25th - 2 places available
  • Aug Mon 15th - 1 place left
  • Sept Mon 26th - SOLD OUT
  • Oct Mon 24th - 4 places available
  • Nov Mon 14th - 4 places available
  • Dec Mon 12th - 4 places available


  • Jan Mon 16th - 4 places available
  • Feb Mon 13th - 4 places available
  • March Mon 20th - 4places available
  • April Mon 17th - 4 places available
  • May Mon 15th - 4 places available
  • June Mon 19th - 4 places available
  • July Mon 24th - 4places available
  • Aug Mon 21st - 4places available
  • Sept Mon 18th - 4places available
  • Oct Mon 16th - 4 places available
  • Nov Mon 20th - 4 places available
  • Dec Mon 11th - 4 places available



The five day course is £1,250 +VAT.

  • Day one covers knife sharpening and repair, then hands on.
  • Day two we will cover dog, barber and hairdressing scissor servicing / sharpening, with you replicating what we've shown you.
  • Day three starts with clipper blade sharpening then it's time for more hands on training under supervision.
  • Day four and five is totally hands on practice with supervision. Great for really embedding you new skills.
  • The five day course is our premium course, and really gives us time to go into great detail. Five days lets you have lots of practice, with us supervising to help you all the way. You will be in a great position when you leave after five days to start your new business.

If we don't respond to your email within 24hrs, please phone 0785 6513 777 or 01761 470 149 as some emails do not get through. 

Once you are ready and decided on a date, book your place via our Shop page

The training courses are held at the purpose-built workshop near Bath, we can suggest good local B&B accommodation nearby in the beautiful Somerset countryside.

On the course you will be told how you will receive your ongoing support. There is no need to panic, you will never feel on your own as you will become part of an active professional sharpening community, giving you all the help and support you need, for as long as you need it, plus you've always got us.

We will tell you about the machines that you do need and will also tell you what you don't need. We will give you good honest advice based on your business plan or the market sector you are going to aim for.

The training course teaches you how to sharpen correctly, you will be taught the 'why' behind the 'what' so that you fully understand why you are doing, what you are doing, no cutting corners! We believe that perfection, consistency and value for money is vital to ensure repeat custom. Sharpening correctly, with a detailed understanding, gives job satisfaction and self-confidence knowing that you are doing everything correctly and to industry standards.

If after the course you would like to come back for a one to one session then that can be easily arranged, remember we will always be here for you!

We are the only authorised and approved Scissor and Clipper Blade Sharpening trainers for Wolff Industries and Nebraska Blades in UK & Europe, this is important as you need to work to manufacturers standards.

You will be taught how to sharpen many items but we focus on knives, scissors and dog clipper blades.

Why not tell us what you would like to sharpen, or bring examples along, and we will show you how. There is very little we dont know how to sharpen, so just bring anything and everything you have! 

We use the popular dog grooming A5 blade for training, bring your own blades if you have any. 

You will be taught how to service, sharpen and serrate hairdressing and dog grooming scissors correctly, identifying and understanding the different methods required for true convex, semi convex and bevel edge scissors. Again, bring some scissors along that require sharpening or even a repair as we love a challenge!

No previous experience is required, we will teach you everything you need to know for starting your sharpening business. 

Nearing the end of the course you sit down with the instructor, and together construct a personalised list of the required machines and equipment based on your plan for the future. We hold everything in stock so you can take it all away with you. Tell us what you intend to sharpen, and we will suggest what machines you will need or don't need. We will help and guide you, so that you don't make expensive mistakes.

If you would like us to deliver, install and test your sharpening machines onsite at your location, that can be arranged.

Training is carried out using the same machines that we sell, and these machines are what use every day in our own sharpening business, so we know they are the right choice and fit for purpose! 

Below are some comments from people that have been on the course:

January 2021 Keith Rudd wrote: I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience with me over the past 18 months or so.  It has been a difficult time for us all, but finally it’s all come together.  In addition, I must complement you on the quality of your sharpening course, it is a very valuable asset for you and must have taken you quite some time to fine tune it. Matthew is an absolute star with a great depth of knowledge of what he does and the way in which he handles the lectures and demonstrations. He is also a very nice guy as well.

Keep the good work.

Many thanks again.

Kind regards

Keith Rudd

Sept 2020 John Wood wrote: I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and assistance. True to your word a year after I attended the training course you are still giving help and support. if any one is serious about wanting to become a professional then UK sharpening school is without doubt the place to go. John Wood

Gareth Pegg wrote: Thank you Robin for the training given over a very relaxed period, the hands on experience and business insights you offered have been a great help. 
I must say that the decision to purchase multiple pieces of equipment was at first a concern due to the expense, but having spent a little time practicing and subsequently just two weeks in the field both promoting the business and sharpening scissors, knives and clipper blades, I can only say wow! 
If you are prepared to put the effort in, the rewards will be there and this is definitely a decision I will not be regretting any time soon.
Thank you Robin.

Alistair Prichard wrote: Just to say a big thanks to Robin for a very enjoyable and productive course, incredible the progress myself and fellow students made in such a short period of time. He has given me both knowledge and confidence for future success in this field.
Can not thank him enough.
Alastair Prichard

David Burnham wrote: My business partner and I recently visited Robin for his training course, and it was brilliant, the hands-on training with Robins assistance taught us more than I thought was possible in just a few days. We chose to use course, which, after having doubts about its usefulness beforehand, turned out to be the most valuable - with Robin taking more of a back seat, letting us get on and sharpen all types of things, and only helping when needed or requested. can’t thank Robin enough for his teaching, especially the hands on days, which I’m sure will all prove exceptionally valuable in the coming months. 

Simon Thurstan wrote: Many thanks for the training undertaken with yourself on a one to one basis presented by yourself. Your knowledge and style of training was excellent and a pleasure to attend. It was a pleasure to have so many questions answered over the two days with answers that will ensure future growth for Mobile Pro Sharpening in the future. Robin is very knowledgeable, very patient, very professional and very very good at his business. I look forward to having more training in the near future with yourself as we are constantly being asked for other products to be sharpened. Once again Robin thank you well worth the drive down!

Trevor Teague wrote: A BIG THANK YOU to Robin. Having been a butcher for some 40 years I was never happy with how sharp I could get my knives. I knew they could be better but did not know how to make them better. So I decided to go on Robins two day sharpening course. Wow I have to say having set up a small sharpening station at home my knives are all now cutting like demons thanks to Robins training. The course covered loads Knives, serrated knives, Shears, Clipper blades & all kinds of hair dressing and grooming scissors. The information I have gained on this course has really opened my eyes and I am looking forward to starting my own sharpening business soon. All thanks to Robin's training course. If you are thinking of starting a sharpening business I would recommend you do this course first. Thanks again Robin.

Debbie Harris wrote: I recently completed a course with Robin, I found the course very informative, and enjoyable. Robin explained techniques and didn't mind if we asked for him to go over something again. I would recommend this course for anyone looking to start a business. 

Paul Richards wrote: After 17 years as a director of an IT company in London, I realised that 1, I hated London and 2, I hated IT, so when I got made redundant late last year I decided to make a Life changing decision. One of my passions is Bushcraft, which ironically since becoming a sharpener I have little time to practice it these days, but I always had a great sense of pleasure sharpening my bushcraft knives to razors edge. I've always told my children from early age that if you can make a career out of something you enjoy doing, you’ll never work a day in your life. So I decided to stop preaching and start practising. After a month or two of strategizing and due diligence within the sharpening sector around my area I decided to make an investment into setting up my sharpening business. After scouring the Internet for courses on sharpening it was clear from my research and the reviews that there was only one place I should go; and that was the sharpening service's sharpening school, led by Robin Bailey. The two day course was a holistic approach to sharpening offering wide access to the various areas of the craft while focusing on the core tools including scissors knives clipper blades and garden tools. The course was a superb balance of theory and practical exposure. Robin has a natural talent of teaching in a manner that everyone can understand. Not only do you walk away from the course with a superb knowledge of sharpening across the various areas, but you also have very informative and detailed curriculum that you can reference any time you feel you have forgotten something. Robin is also more than happy to take calls and answer questions even after the course has been completed. You will be part of a small community that practice the craft within the UK, everyone helps everyone and you will never be alone should any questions queries or concerns arise. Getting down to the nitty-gritty I completed Robins course in mid-February and four months later with hard work I am earning a respectable wage. Remember this is just four months after the course. If you are asking me if you feel the course is worth the money, my answer in hindsight would be it's worth double, and then some. The skills and knowledge you walk away with are yours for life and will build the foundation for a very successful business. The only barrier you will face will be your own attitude to success.

One year later Paul Richards wrote again: I can't believe it's been over a year since I left the London rat race and I.T. Sharpening has been weirdest and best decision of my life. I still scare myself how reckless the risk take was, which was totally unlike me. I thought about the idea with little research, bought the van, went on Robin's course, had the van wrapped, bought the full kit from Robin and got stuck in after some practice. Since then I have sharpened thousands of garden tools, knives, scissors, equine & grooming blades and industrial equipment and learn something new every single day without fail. I get to start when I want and finish when I want. I get to drive around in the beautiful Kent countryside and meet hundreds of wonderful people. I get to work within different sectors at different seasons which delivers an interesting diversity of work. The work is plentiful and rewarding, if you want to go and get it. I get out what I put in and that's a great feeling. Have a great day everyone and be thankful. I can't think of a better career in the world! 

Peter Thorpe wrote: Thank you for the sharpening course. So having watched the You tube videos etc, what could be easier, simply buy a Tormek and that would be me set. How wrong I was! So what next? Get some professional help. Wow.... what a massive leap forward my skills and confidence took in such a short time. It would be fair to say that I have by-passed months of heartache trying to teach myself. Not only did I learn so much, I also now know what I don't know which will enable me to continue learning and improving my skills now that I am heading in the right direction. 

Harry Rabbie wrote: I have just completed the training course and was very impressed with not only the structure of the course, but also the knowledge that Robin has and the fact that he is so willing to pass on tips that he has that would take me years to acquire. I only hope I can be half as good as he is !!

Thomas Nilsen from Norway wrote: I would just like to thank Robin for two valuable days at his training course for knives, scissors and clippers. We covered a lot of material both theoretical but for the most part hands-on. Robin is an excellent teacher with a passion for both his craft and his students. I highly recommend this course for both newbies and more skilled knife sharpeners. 

Michael O'Donovan wrote: The training course will save you so much time and money. Robin has been there and bought the teeshirt (and a helluva lot of equipment) and knows the business inside out. He's generous with his experience, and holds nothing back. Can't recommend it enough

Lianne Carling wrote: Well Robin I would just like to say a big thank you for running your training course. I cannot believe the response I have had over the last couple of days delivering leaflets to the hairdressers and dog groomers, as you can imagine due to there being no one local sharpening I have been extremely busy and have now got into three major restaurants in my area I think my daughter will be attending your training.Thank you again. 

Stephen Doris wrote: Hi Robin , Just a quick note to say how much i enjoyed the training course last week.The course has helped me appreciate the demands of the job.Your advice and experience has been tremendously helpful...Was it worth the cost?....Well let's just say, If you think education is Expensive.. You should try ignorance! 

Ashley Maude wrote: Robin is a really nice chap and happy to answer any questions. The course feels very one to one as there is only 3 people per course. Small price to pay for a brilliant course and to add a real skill to my business. Brilliant guy, brilliant course. I would recommend this course to anybody who's looking to start or progress in a sharpening business 

Michael Brownlie wrote: I was made redundant and didn't know what I was going to do, then I came across Robins sharpening course. I have always been wary of courses not coming up to my expectations in being all theory and lacking in the practical department, Robin has got the mix perfect, he explains everything in a way that's easy to understand and encourages you to get your hands on, which is the only way you can learn this skill. After the first couple of hours I knew this was what I wanted to do, he has taken his wealth of knowledge in the sharpening business and compressed it into a course that gives you all the tips and tricks you need to get started. Going on Robins course was one of the best decisions I've made. Thanks Robin. 

Patrick Gleeson wrote: Robin’s sharpening course is first class and great value for money. He has a well-structured, hands-on approach, teaching skills, techniques and a wealth of tips drawn from years of experience. Robin showed us the quickest, most efficient ways to approach a wide range of jobs and which equipment gives the best results. He also told us where to get the best deals on supplies and equipment. We had plenty of time to practice and ask questions, and the support I’ve received since completing the course has also been brilliant as Robin continues to be a friendly source of advice and information. This was particularly useful during the start-up phase of my own operation, which is now a thriving little business. There’s not much that Robin doesn’t know about sharpening and attending this course was one of the best ideas I’ve had for a long while. Thanks Robin.

Lynn Doyle wrote: Just want to add how much I enjoyed the course, which i found extremely informative and surprisingly relaxing, simply because I found you very approachable. I can highly recommend you to anyone else thinking of taking this course as you are a brilliant tutor and obviously know your subject. It was a pleasure to meet you this week. Kindest regards Lynn 

David T wrote: Over the years, I have attended many courses in many countries on many topics. Robin is in the top league as an excellent tutor with an obvious and current hands-on experience. A true professional who still 'walks the walk'. His combination of business common-sense with deep understanding of why certain things are done (or not done) is of special value and could not be gleaned from books or videos alone. Perhaps best of all, Robin is very patient with those of us who are clumsy - and goes at a pace that is individually tailored. Best money I have spent in a long time!

Dave Rose wrote: Having booked the knife sharpening course in early March and paid my deposit, I was second guessing the expense right up till the day of the first class. Within the first two hours, I was completely convinced that I had made a sound investment. Robin is extremely open and honest about the trade, and isn't afraid to share valuable knowledge and information. For the first time in years my entrepreneurial instinct has been super charged.If you are hesitating at all, be assured that this course is worth every penny.

January 2012 Martin Downes wrote: Having been on the knife sharpening training at the end of January 2012 I thought I would leave my comments and thanks. We are bombarded these days with get rich quick schemes, particularly on the internet, let me assure you this is not one. Robin gives you the confidence to sharpen knives scissors, etc and encourages you to practice, practice and practice some more. He explains you have to go out and look for the business it won't just come to you, no different to any business really. However as I can testify the business is out there, I have just picked up an order for 70 knives! Robin also is there after the training, I have rung him up on several occasions to ask his advice which he has been more than happy to give. Whether a sharpening business is for you only you can decide but for me I am so pleased I took the plunge. Thank you Robin 

You can ask us any questions about sharpening, or any aspect of the business, and we will give open and honest answers.

By the end of the course you will have enough knowledge and confidence to start your own sharpening business. You will also have the added benefit of having us available to support you in the future if required.

Contact us for the full course details and the price, or to enquire about any other dates. A simple one line email is all that's required, and we will then send you the full course details, local accommodation suggestions, machine costs and the cost of the course.

If you would like extra or bespoke training time with us, that can be arranged.

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